There is no such thing as a Standard Contract

As a lawyer who represents a wide variety of clientele, from medium to large scale businesses and individuals, I am occasionally confronted with the odd client who would say things like, “This is a pretty standard distribution agreement, right? So why do we need to review it?” or “Why do we need to take so long to look into this joint venture agreement? Isn’t this pretty much a standard contract?”

The Importance of Effective Legal Counsel

Whether you like lawyers or not, if you are a business owner, it is inevitable that you will have to work with one sooner or later. In fact, it is wise to have an effective legal counsel in your business team from the get-go ie. Someone who understands how you work and most importantly how your business works.

It’s Never Too Early to Start Estate Planning

It does not matter that your “pot of gold” is not a substantial one. It is prudent that every person plans his or her estate carefully. Planning your estate well will ensure that your assets are enjoyed by the people you intend to receive those assets whilst taking care that your liabilities do not become a burden to them. Having your wealth and assets in the wrong hands should be the last thing on your wish list.